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Channel A Radio 98.5 FM Arayat This is channel A's live audio streaming service. DISCLAIMER: No Copyright Infringement intended. Songs played on our live stream are solely owned by their respective artists, composers, producers and record labels and are for enhancement and entertainment purposes only.

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Channel A Radio 98.5 has been on the FM band for more than 15 years. With its ample power and proficient men and women behind its operations, Channel A 98.5 FM prides itself as the leader in Pampanga's 3rd District. Channel A is online 24/7. Programs: Live Daily Radio Mass - 5:45 AM Sun-Sat Bandera News Nationwide - 7:00 AM Mon-Fri Balita Pampanga - 7:30 AM Tue-Thu-Sat Dear Kuya Nino - 1:00 PM Mon-Fri Love Songs at Night - 7:00 PM Sun-Fri FRC Weekend - 1:00 PM Sat Channel A Rewind - 4:00 PM Sat Party on Air - 8:30 PM Sat Beautiful Sunday - 7:00 AM Sun

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